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It is a growing custom to retain some, if not all, of your loved one’s ashes to keep at home. To help you remember your loved one, we offer a large range of keepsake items including urns, caskets, scatter tubes and keepsake pendants and bracelets. For an up-to date price list, and to see a full range of our products please feel free to call into any of our offices.



We have a wide selection of urns to choose from including decorative cremation urns which can be displayed in the home and cremation urns to bury.

Pink Metal Urn Pink Metal Urn
Gloucester PewterGloucester Pewter
Pink Metal Urn Pink Metal Urn
Gloucester PewterGloucester Pewter

Our range of caskets combine a classic style with dignified simplicity. Choose from our range of solid oak and solid mahogany caskets.

Keepsake urns & hearts
Keepsake urns are designed to hold a small amount of the ashes of your loved one.

red-heart-keepsakeRed Heart Keepsake
Heart Keepsake classic BrassHeart Keepsake Classic Brass
Heart Keepsake Althorp BlueHeart Keepsake Althorp Blue
Henley pewter keepsakeHenley Pewter Keepsake

Keepsake pendants & bracelets
Putting some of the cremation ashes into a piece of memorial jewellery such as a keepsake pendant or bracelet is a way to keep a loved one close forever. We have a range of options for you to choose from.

img_5459aAshes Pendant
Chelsea Ashes Bracelet DesignAshes Bracelet
Chelsea Ashes Bracelet Design 02Ashes Bracelet
Islington Ashes PendantAshes Pendant
Islington Ashes PendantAshes Pendant
Mayfair Cross Pendant SilverAshes Pendant

Men’s jewellery
We have a stunning range of memorial jewellery for men, from ashes into bracelets and cufflinks.

Scatter tubes
Scatter Tubes are designed to help make your scattering ceremony more practical and dignified. We have a number of different designs and sizes to choose from.

Scatter Tube

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