Matthew Petrie

1998 - 2020

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Matthew's Funeral Service

Date & Time of Service

Friday 15th May, 11:30AM


Landican Crematorium South Chapel

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I’ve always seen you as a brother and I’ve always loved you as a brother. You were always there for me when ever I needed you and most of the time it was always girl problems and you always found a way to cheer me up, whether it was scaring the daylight out of me whilst you were driving or going on random walks to the middle of nowhere in a field.. you were always there for me. As I was always there for you. One of the things you loved to do was explore abandoned places and buildings, which we pretty much most of the time got caught which was mostly down to my lack of climbing skills but we got to see some beautiful places. You used to always talk about cars and what your next project was, most of the phrases you used flew over my head but I always loved to hear about what you were going to do next to your Ibizia. It always amazed me how you could look at a car and know exactly what engine was in that car and common faults with it were. Me, you, Ash and Ben were pretty much most of the time doing stupid stuff like setting stink bombs off in McDonalds, or buying a mini moto and driving it down the road. You were truly one of a kind and the kindest soul I know and you will truly be missed by all of us.
Lots of love,

Lewis Ball

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