Cremated Remains

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In addition to our wide range of funeral services, we provide various options concerning the final resting place of your loved one’s ashes. These include scattering the ashes on the Garden of Remembrance, interring in a family grave, a special cremated remains grave, a designated woodland burial site or private disposal in a meaningful place.

Gardens of Remembrance are areas specially set aside for the laying of cremation ashes but some crematoria offer plaques or dedicated rose bushes.

Some crematorium will keep the ashes for up to one month before a charge is made to store them. They will only be released to the funeral director or a named person who will have to bring along some identification. If ordered, a Disposal Certificate can be provided with the ashes.

Some people like to have the ashes at home with them for a while or organise a simple gathering or a further memorial service.

Once a decision has been made we offer a variety of caskets or urns for cremated remains.

We can also provide guidance about retaining a small portion of the ashes to create a keepsake locket, pendant or bracelet.

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