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At Charles Stephens, we pride ourselves on the quality of our coffins.

We work with one of the largest manufacturers of coffins and caskets in the UK, a family run company like ourselves which is also based on the Wirral. Working with them we are able to offer our customers a wide selection of quality coffins and caskets. Every single coffin is tailored to the individual specification of our Funeral Directors. Over 95 per cent of these coffins are Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified. In fact, they are the only company to manufacture FSC certified coffins and coffin sets. This means they ensure that all of the selected materials can be traced back to wood from responsibly managed forests.


Choosing the right coffin or casket for your loved one is an important part of the funeral arrangement and we can help you with the process.

Often it helps to think about the life of the loved one and consider what would best reflect their life.

Whether you would like a traditional style wooden coffin or a wood veneer, a cardboard or wicker coffin or would like to consider a painted or colourful coffin, we can help.

Below are some of the different options we have available:

Veneered Coffins

The Huyton
An elm veneered coffin

The Prenton
An oak veneered coffin

The Milburn
A mahogany veneered coffin

The Pentre
An oak veneered coffin with oval or square pressed panels

The Prescot
An oak veneered coffin with square panels

The Murrow
An oak veneered coffin with panel sides

The Mottram
An oak veneered coffin with panel sides

The Mostyn
A mahogany veneered coffin with optional beaded panels.

Solid Wood Coffins

The Castle
A solid oak coffin

The Wyatt
A solid mahogany coffin. Mahogany stain and panels ends are optional

The Claughton
A solid oak coffin

The Worcester
A solid mahogany casket

The Chester
A solid oak casket

Religious Coffins

The Last Supper
Pictured with side panels, Crown of Thorns ends and Antique Golden Oak Stain

The Knock Apparition
Pictured with side panels and Antique Yew Stain

The Lourdes Apparition
Pictured with side panels, Head of Madonna ends and Antique Mahogany Stain

The Foot of the Cross
Pictured with side panels and Antique Walnut Stain

Woodland Trust Coffins

Our Woodland Trust Collection can be made in natural unpolished solid wood, high quality weave willow or sustainably sourced FSC boards. All are suitable for woodland burials.

We are delighted to support the Woodland Trust in the work it does, planting more trees, protecting centuries-old trees and restoring woodland so that native trees can grow and thrive.

Our range of coffins are designed to reduce the carbon footprint of a standard coffin, with higher recycled content, reduced energy consumptions and reduced material usage. These coffins are an ideal alternative to cardboard.

The Sherwood
Simple design, made from sustainably sourced chipboard

The Delamere
Made from sustainably sourced MDF

The Willow
A high quality weave willow which is suitable for woodland burials

The Oakley
A natural unpolished solid wood coffin which is suitable for woodland burials

Natural Wool
Natural Wool coffins are growing in popularity and offer a comforting way to say goodbye to a loved one.

Colourful Coffins

Colourful Coffins is the UK’s leading supplier of environmentally friendly custom design picture coffins. Decorating a coffin with colourful pictures can help some people come to terms with the bereavement process.

These bespoke and personalised coffins can be brightly coloured or reflect the loved one’s favourite football team, hobbies or interests.

Some 90 per cent of these coffin requests are customised with family photographs, holiday pictures and favourite hobbies or sports, often integrated into bespoke designs. Many people tell us that having a Colourful Coffin is seen as celebrating the life of the person they have lost. Often it helps to bring a smile to a very sad occasion.

Our Coffins

Take a look at some of our coffins


Veneered Coffins

The Prenton; an oak veneered coffin with veneered reversible mouldings


Solid Wood Coffins

The Willaston; a solid mahogany coffin with veneered double mouldings


Colourful Coffins

"British and proud"; bespoke design

Woolen Coffin

Natural Wool Coffins

Natural Wool coffins are growing in popularity and offer a comforting way to say goodbye to a loved one


Religious Coffins

The Last Supper; pictured with side panels, Crown of Thorns ends and antique golden oak stain


Woodland Trust Coffins

The Willow; a high quality weave willow with smooth texture and discrete matching fasteners


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